The provision of a free trial by Spotify provides the potential customer with an option to test the effectiveness of their services and eventually influence subscription after the free trial. Despite the free-trial option being used as a loophole by some individuals to access free services, it is of many benefits to Spotify organization and thus not advisable to be terminated. Reflecting on my experience in consuming Spotify services I found the free-trial grace period essential in a variety of ways. Though the free-trial opportunity is meant to guarantee the truthfulness of the functionality of the online services, the expense is only borne by satisfaction.
            One of its benefits is that it provides a platform of engagement between the potential client and Spotify, in which the potential evaluates the expected benefits from the Spotify services before embarking on my decision. As noted by Laochumnanvanit & Bednall (2005), free services provide an opportunity for consumers to evaluate the obligation likely to follow them after the subscription.
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Ashutosh Singh
Tackling the Spotify Challenge from Free-trial Users


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