Voice Over and Voice Casting

Voice over and voice casting

Our linguists provide not only written,
but oral language services as well Whether an in-store announcement, 20-second television or radio commercial, options for a phone system, or extensive Youtube course, our voice linguists are here to help.

More examples of our services include

Corporate videos





Telephone messaging

Corporate videos

Voice over narration for videos

Television and radio imaging & promotion

Corporate sales videos

E-learning and training

Narration on video press releases

Automated phone system recordings

Our linguists offer

a fast and easy way

to get your voice-over or voice-casting jobs
completed on time and within budget.

Our cloud platform has features and benefits like:

Savings on production and administration

A convenient platform to find the right audio
linguist for any job

Job completion within your expected delivery time

Secure, fast, and easy payment service
We understand that you need more than just a speaker or actor. Regardless of the language, scope, or complexity of your project, our linguists can deliver the right voices and play a pivotal role in your international success.

To start, place a writing order with a word count that reflects your budget for the job.

In addition to preparing the texts, the job also involves work like speaking, acting, recording, and so on. The word count should not be just the number of words the freelancer speaks. It should be properly increased to cover those extra workloads. Then input your detailed instructions about your job requirement. Our linguists will bid for your job and you can choose your favorite voice linguist(s).

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