Video Translation, Transcription & Subtitling

Video Translation, Transcription & Subtitling

In the age of digitalization,

numerous individuals and companies are turning to video
to deliver messages to loved ones and market audiences around the globe.

If your video is available in only one language,
your audience will be unnecessarily limited.

Our professional video maker tears down language barriers, so you can reach customers globally. Typically Google is unable to index audio for Search Engine Optimization, meaning that the audio content on your website video will not help boost your Google rankings, aside from the title and tags you use while uploading it.

However, when your video is transcribed and the script is uploaded to Youtube, you provide Google with specific data about the content of your video.


It bolsters the keyword density of your webpage, which in turn improves your Google rankings. When someone searches for a phrase mentioned within the video, Google includes your video script in the algorithm. Depending on your site’s SEO, Google may even feature your video on the search results. You get a first point of contact without potential visitors even visiting your website.

Thanks to our linguists’ transcription, Internet users will be able to quickly find the portion of your video relevant to them.

When freelance linguists want to work with us, they must pass through a rigorous selection process that tests their grammar, quality of transcription and subtitling services, and numerous other skills required of a professional video transcriptionist.
We will provide accurate information on all the linguists concerning their talents and proficiencies. This grants you the ability to make an excellent selection from our wide range of linguists.

We act as a reliable, steadfast bridge between our members and you.

Our linguists also help you with video subtitling and translations in your desired language.

Our services can be tailored to specific audiences and regions.

Our top-notch linguists provide reliable, credible, and perfect scripts.

They are always ready to translate any video and subtitling you need.

We always have native linguists who provide translation services according to your preferred language.
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