Grow and mentor
your Own Group

Don’t need to pay anything, ever, to grow your earnings

Growth Bonuses

Promotion period: until end of 2021

  • Invite other freelancers
  • Build your own group and be a mentor
  • Receive upto $3400, in every month

Grow Beyond Existing Skills

Organic growth
Automatic passive income every month

Qualified New Members Payment Bonus
2 $2
6 $7
20 $24
70 $90
230 $330
480 $720
990 $1600
2000 $3400

Group Reward

Passive income from group earnings

  • 2% reward for freelance work by group members
  • No limit or cap! Big passive payout

Suppose you have a group with two hundred members: each works on jobs worth $400 a month, your group’s total earnings would be $80,000.

You will get a passive income of: 2%* 80,000= 1600, in every month!

Director Reward

Earn more for large groups

If your group exceeds 100 members, you will be paid an additional director reward

Many of your group members have developed their own groups

They will receive Group Reward and Director Reward. The system will pay you 20% of the total Group Reward and Director Reward of all your members

Suppose your 100 members, each earns $1000 of Group Reward In addition, 10 of them earns an additional $1000 director reward. Your monthly director reward would be: (1000*100+10*1000) * 20% = 22000

The earning potential isn’t capped or limited!

Grow Together & Serve Better

Join a group to receive passive income every month

  • It's 100% free! You don’t lose anything joining a group
  • Instead, you will only earn extra passive income
  • The system will reward you with an extra 2% of the average earnings of the group plus 2% of your freelance earnings
  • Join a strong group for more
  • Find the REF code of your desired mentor and join now

What’s the catch?

You don’t need to pay a dime to receive these benefits
Totally free


Frequently Asked Questions

  • a. Absolutely not. It’s totally free.
    b. Our freelancers make money by providing freelance services to clients.
    c. PeerOKTM pays you the additional benefits because of your effort in building your group and providing freelance services.

  • There’re four types of extra income you can make every month. All the four types are passive income.
    a. Growth Bonus.
    b. Group Reward.
    c. Director Reward.
    d. Work bonus.

  • There’s no limit or cap of how much you make with PeerOKTM every month.

  • No magic formula exists. It depends on your approach, time and consistent effort.
    You determine the goals and schedule. The monthly rewards and bonuses are based on how successfully you build your own group and lead your group to perform freelance work.
    Most people join to supplement their primary income. Others have bigger goals. The higher your financial target, the more time and effort it takes to reach your goal.
    As your group grows, so does your confidence and skills in marketing, leadership, and communications.

  • Most people don’t look at PeerOKTM as a career, and we do not position ourselves that way either. The majority see PeerOKTM opportunities as a part-time side gig that lets them make a little extra money for paying off debt, buying an iPhone, or funding a dream vacation. As your group grows, eventually PeerOKTM can become your full-time focus and primary paycheck.
    You decide when and how much work you want to put into it to reach your goals.

  • You will receive a one-off payment bonus for new referrals monthly, and the amount of bonus depends on the number of new freelancers that you have brought on that month. The payment increases with the number of people you hire and a detailed breakdown is shown below. The current Growth Bonus is available only until the end of 2021.

    New Freelancers Referred

    Payment Bonus

















  • There’re two types of roles for each freelancer: mentors and group members. You can be a group member of a mentor, the mentor of your own group, or both.
    Mentors on the PeerOKTM platform are those individuals who are passionate about building a freelance group. Their role on the platform is to support group members in their development by taking group members under their wing to demonstrate how to grow and develop their freelancing skills. As a mentor, you will be responsible for the growth of your own group.
    When you group size exceeds 100 members, you will be titled director of your group and receive additional benefits.

  • Every PeerOKTM user has a unique referral code. When a new freelancer signs up to the platform, they can enter this referral code to sign up for your mentorship. If a new user uses the link you have shared in signup, the new user will be your group member automatically.
    You can find the referral code in your own profile page.

  • You don’t lose anything joining a group! Instead, you will earn an extra basic work bonus. After joining a group, PeerOKTM will pay you an extra 2% of the average group earnings plus 2% of your freelance earnings!
    If you have joined a super team in which most freelancers perform great, you will receive more basic work bonus, and vice versa.

  • As a mentor or director, you will earn a Group Reward for all work done by your group’s freelancers. The Group Reward is calculated as 2% of the total earnings of your group.
    For example, if your group is relatively modest in size and has 200 freelancers working in it on a part-time basis, earning (for example) $400 a month each on average, your group’s total earnings would be $80,000. You will get a passive income of: 2%* $80000=$1600, in every month!
    So, given the above example, it’s clear to see how this could very easily translate to big earnings for you as the group mentor – and these monthly earnings are passive.
    The earning potential isn’t capped or limited for Group Reward.

  • If your group exceeds 100 members, you will be titled the director of your group and paid an additional Director Reward. If later your group falls below 80 members, you will be downgraded back to a normal mentor role.

  • If you want to maximize your income, striving for the director role is a great option, as the system pays directors an additional monthly director reward in addition to the Group Reward.
    As a director, it’s likely that many of your group members have developed their own groups. Some of them may be directors themselves already. So, they will receive Group Reward and director reward.
    The monthly director reward is 20% of the total director reward and Group Reward of all group members.
    Suppose you have 100 group members, each of whom earns an average of $500 of Group Reward. In addition, 10 of them earns an additional $1000 Director Reward. Your monthly Director Reward would be:
    ($500*100+$1000*10) * 20% = $12000.
    The earning potential isn’t capped or limited for Director Rewards.