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Dr. Miao received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Tsinghua University and the Georgia Institute of Technology respectively. He has been with Intel Labs as a Research Engineer, Samsung Research America as a Senior Standard Engineer and a 3GPP LTE-A RAN1/4 Delegate, and KTH as an Associate Professor and Docent. In 2011, he received the Individual Gold Award from Samsung Research America for his contributions in LTE-A standardization. His research interest is in the design of mobile communications and networking. He is well known worldwide for his original contributions in building a set of fundamental energy-efficient communications theories, which are widely accepted nowadays. For example he is the main inventor of energy-efficient scheduling and capacity-approaching transmission (United States Patent 7782829)). He is also the lead author of the graduate textbook entitled Fundamentals of Mobile Data Networks (Cambridge University Press), and the book entitled Energy and Spectrum Efficient Wireless Network Design (Cambridge University Press). He has authored about 100 research papers in premier journals or conferences. He is also active in commercializing his research results and has broad expertie and skillset in building team and building various types of systems and platforms, such as 5G system, D2D platform, etc. He has had more than ten patents granted and many more filed. Several of his patented technologies have been adopted as essential in 4/5G standards. For example he recently invented the power control for C-V2X autonomous communications, which has been adopted as essential in 5G V2X standard and is ready for licensing. He has been a Technical Program Committee Member of many international conferences and is on the Editorial Board of several international journals.
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Cambridge University Press, Nov, 2014.

Covering the fundamental principles and state-of-the-art cross-layer techniques, this practical guide provides the tools needed to design MIMO- and OFDM-based wireless networks that are both energy- and spectrum-efficient. Technologies are introduced in parallel for both centralized and distributed wireless networks to give you a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between their energy- and spectrum-efficient designs, which is essential for achieving the highest network energy saving without losing performance. Cutting-edge green cellular network design technologies, enabling you to master resource management for next-generation wireless networks based on MIMO and OFDM, and detailed real-world implementation examples are provided to guide your engineering design in both theory and practice. Whether you are a graduate student, a researcher or a practitioner in industry, this is an invaluable guide.

Available at: Cambridge University Press;

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Cambridge University Press, March, 2016.

This unique text provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the theory and practice for mobile data networks. Covering basic design principles as well as analytical tools for network performance evaluation, and with a focus on system-level resource management, you will learn how state-of-the-art network design can enable you flexibly and efficiently to manage and trade-off various resources such as spectrum, energy, and infrastructure investments. Topics covered range from traditional elements such as medium access, cell deployment, capacity, handover, and interference management, to more recent cutting-edge topics such as heterogeneous networks, energy and cost-efficient network design, and a detailed introduction to LTE (4G). Numerous worked examples and exercises illustrate the key theoretical concepts and help you put your knowledge into practice, making this an essential resource whether you are a student, researcher, or practicing engineer.

Tutorial at IEEE International Conference on Communications, May, 2018.

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Freelance algorithms, wireless networks, signal processing, and patents
G Miao
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